LESSON­-ONLINE.ORG is an online language school that allows students to learn foreign languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian for foreigners and other languages via Skype. We also have available native language teachers available in the evenings. Lessons are individual or group, up to 2-3 people.
The school has been created to help people learn foreign languages especially in cities where there is no opportunity to do lessons in person with mother tongue teachers. Students then have the opportunity to continue studying on business trips, on holiday or even just outside the home using the tablet as well. Parents have another advantage or not having to accompany their children to live lessons because today children can study on Skype. The school was founded in 2012 in Italy, Rome, for foreign students who wanted to learn Italian, then continued to grow.
Skype lessons allow you to save twice as much time compared to in person lessons without sacrificing quality. We offer different types of courses and varying duration of lessons.


All our teachers are native speakers and highly qualified. Thanks to their experience are able to adapt the lessons depending on the needs of the participant, aim to conversation without neglecting the insights and the grammatical explanations. Always know how to arouse the interest of the student and undertake to accompany him in his training path.


Our method guarantees a language learning at 360° : oral and written comprehension, terminological competence, grammatical knowledge are targeted at a conversation fluid.